Dog Treat

"A colliding atmosphere of music and emotion" That is one way Paul Baskin would describe himself as a DJ and producer. From a small town outside of Savannah and student of music, he has studied different styles his whole life. Today, he has put together a happy-go-lucky project together known as Dog Treat. Performing under multiple different names in the past, Dog Treat is a fresh start to merge the best techniques he has learned over the years. Known for his multi-genre blending, there are no stones left unturned. From funky house filled shuffles to head banging grit, his hypnotic grooves will leave you wanting more. Encouraging that the common standard of music to be broken, his approach can be seen as unorthodox, yet familiar. Although Paul enjoys DJing when he can, he’s recently committed himself to take his producing to distinctive new heights by creating an exciting “edge” that will both move and inspire his listeners. "To me, music isn't about a kick drum and a baseline. It's about communication and the relationships it builds with others around you."